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Bennett Store and Bennett House











Bennett House 1979



Bennett House in Dispair in 1979

The house was still owned by descendants of the Bennetts

but was unoccupied and in dispair.


Original Bennett Store

The Bennett Store stood between Bayou Boeuf and the curving road that followed the bayou. Bayou Boeuf was used for transporting agricultural products to market in New Orleans and for delivering goods from the city to the country.

Bennett Store Records

An unbroken series of ledgers of the Bennett Store, 1868-1917 have been lent by the family to Louisiana State University (LSU) at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Correspondence dates from 1838.

Listing of Bennett Archives on running a cotton and sugar cane plantation and running a general store


Jim Bowie was active in this area and the orginal Bowie Knife was said to have been made by Jim Bowie's relative in Marksville, Louisiana.

Jim Bowie is listed in the Bennett ledgers as purchasing wine at the Bennett Store in 1818. Jim Bowie

Bennett Store Wings Removed




Since the 2 wings flanking the store were added later, it was decided to remove them and restore the store without the 2 wings.